General information

Alexander L. Besedin is an active member of the International Informatization Academy and the International Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), Doctor of Public Creation, Doctor of Education, Full Professor, president of the Consulting and Corporate Learning Department of the International Public Development Academy, head of management disciplines set at the Center of Management Staff Training of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

He is actively working in the following areas:

  • systems theory and systems methodology in application to contemporary management and organizational design practice;

  • management of researches, development and innovative projects (macro- and microeconomic concepts);

  • enterprises and organizations reformation and restructuring;

  • social and economic processes research and modern sociology of the organization, management of the balanced stable regions development projects;

  • consulting projects economics and management (consulting structures development, management consulting);

  • organizational learning and knowledge management;

  • formation of the innovative development areas and science towns.

The basic results of activity:

Recognition and awards

A.L. Besedin is a Laureate of the International Competition "Elite of the Informationologists of the World" (rewarding - foto; fifth volume of special IIA publication "Elite of the Informationologists of the World" - page 28). He has been awarded for more than 30 years activity as a leader, consultant and participant of different projects in science, technics, manufacture, management and education with the High International Order "For Faithful Promotion of Information Community" (rewarding - foto) and the High International Medal "For Faithful Promotion of Information Community" (rewarding - foto), the High International Order "For Outstanding Merits in Informationology" (rewarding - foto), two Sergey Mosin Prizes, the Silver Medal of Olomouc University (Czech Republic), the badge Inventor of the USSR, the Silver Medal of the USSR VDNH - National Economy Achievements Exhibition, the Honorary Certificate of the MACHPROM Presidium, the Honorary badge of Czech-Soviet friendship, the Honorary Diploma of the International Congress ACADEMIA FILM, the Certificate of the Russian Project Management Association SOVNET, the Honorary Diploma of the Intergovernmental TV&Radio Company "MIR".

A.L. Besedin's activity in the business education sphere has been awarded with the Honorary Certificate of the International Public Development Academy (as a scientist and an organizer for the launching of the new type educational organizations in Russia and creation of author's courses in modern management), the Certificate of the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation Programme, the Honorary Title of Grand Master of International Interacademical Union (Canada).

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